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Each tented venue is unique to the location and design for each event. Our Tent Specialists have years of design and event logistic expertise to help you with the perfect tent style and size.  Call one of our Tent Specialists today for a custom quote.

Type of Seating Inside a Tent

Served DiningBuffet DiningCocktailTheater-Style Seating

The canopy or tent rentals available to you will greatly depend on the kind of event you plan to hold and the way you choose to accommodate your guests. Allow us to help you select the right one and come up with a design that will surely impress everyone who attends.

One of the first things to decide upon when you choose a tent rental is how you plan to accommodate your guests. The choice between served dining, buffet dining, cocktails, and theater-style seating will definitely affect the amount of space you need to cover. It will also vary if you plan to add other amenities to the venue, such as a dance floor, a stage for entertainment, or a space for a grand display.

For example, if you plan to have served dining for your guests, then your tent should be able to accommodate the tables of your choice and leave room for servers to move around. Alternatively, for an event with buffet dining, you might need to give your guests more room to freely return to the buffet area for seconds.

But if your event only needs an open bar and cocktail tables, you may not need such a great amount of space. Smaller venues usually work better for cocktails as it encourages guests to stay close together.

Taller structure tents are ideal for events that require a high tent ceiling, which gives generous space for ceiling liners, tent lighting, and a variety of décor. High ceilings also give the entire venue a sense of grandeur, which is perfect if you truly want to make a great impression.

With so much to take into consideration, it may be an overwhelming task of selecting the right tent rentals. Thankfully, we have Tent Specialists who can certainly help you narrow down your options and select the perfect tent or canopy for your event. To get in touch with them, simply contact us. From there, we can work with you to put together the ideal venue for your event.

To learn more about the variety of tents we have and the options we offer for decorating them, click here

Contact one of our experienced Tent Specialists today for a quote!
Call (408)856-3232 or e-mail sales@stuartrental.com

Site inspections are available.  A non-refundable fee for the site inspection will apply towards your canopy/tent rental. 

Canopy/Tent 400 sq ft or larger require a tent permit from your local fire prevention.  Price for permit will vary per city guidelines and codes.